Autonomous Innovation

State-of-the-art technology, real-time communication software, and a range of autonomous electric vehicles.



Coast Smart

Coast’s automation and monitoring system serves as the brain of any autonomous vehicle, transforming them into driverless shuttles that provide, safe, right-speed transportation for people or cargo.


Coast Anywhere

Developed by the team of pioneers who designed the world’s first commercially available driverless shuttle, Coast’s lineup of award-winning, self-driving vehicles offer a wide range of mobility options for any need.


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Coast Safe

Coast Conductors remotely monitor the safety and security of Coast’s vehicles. With real-time access and advanced communication tools, they ensure smooth operation and a pleasant passenger experience.


Ready to Coast

Sophisticated technology that’s simple to deploy and use. Designed to deliver value in any environment.

  Coast P-1 Shuttle

Coast P-1 Shuttle

In TRANsit. Not Traffic.

Coast is putting cities and towns on the move again by reshaping the way people move from place to place. Instead of sitting in traffic, residents hop on or call up a Coast zero-emission, self-driving car or shuttle—via smart phone or tablet—and efficiently travel to their destination.

  • Improve the quality of life
  • Significantly increase safety
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Eliminate harmful emissions

A safe ride, at home or on the go

Coast makes efficient transportation, and cost-effective perimeter security and patrol, possible for almost any privately-operated campus—from universities and corporate office parks to residential developments and entertainment venues.

  • Improve customer/resident experience
  • Create autonomy for non-drivers
  • Enhance safety
  • Better manage parking

  Autonomous Flatbed Utility Vehicle

Autonomous Flatbed Utility Vehicle

THE path to peak productivity

Using Coast vehicles to move, haul, and load materials powers productivity and efficiency in a variety of commercial environments:

  • Construction and Mining Sites: Haul equipment, materials and debris
  • Factory Floors: Move finished and unfinished products outside the factory to other vehicles
  • Warehouses: Load, unload, and transport inventory within the building and across the facility
  • Farms: Plant and harvest crops across your acreage          

Reduce risks and congestion

Photo by ronniechua/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ronniechua/iStock / Getty Images

On-demand or via fixed route, Coast vehicles can efficiently shuttle passengers to and from terminals, parking, and car rental structures at air, rail, and sea ports. On increasingly vulnerable airport tarmacs, powering logistics trucks with Coast technology helps eliminate security and safety risks.

  • Improve overall port and ground operation safety
  • Reduce wait times and improve efficiency
  • Eliminate aircraft strikes by ground equipment and vehicles
  • Reduce the security risks associated with drivers currently authorized to enter and exit tarmacs

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